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Ram Promaster City Refrigerated Cargo Van

The Ram Promaster City™ Cargo Van has a Best-in-Class payload+ to handle whatever kind of work you throw at it.Power and city driving aren’t mutually exclusive. The Ram Promaster City™ also has Best-in-Class horsepower+ and torque+, so you can drive with confidence on highways, back alleys or surface roads. And, you can fit more boxes or crates in a Ram Promaster City™ cargo van than any other van in its class+. That means fewer trips back to the loading dock or warehouse and more time on the road getting the job done.

Subzero Technologies designs, fabricates and customizes state of the art refrigerated and thermo-insulated systems for the Ram Promaster City Cargo Vans. We can insulate and custom build your Ram Promaster City Cargo Van in order to meet your exact needs.

Let Subzero Technologies take care of your complete refrigerated van conversion. We will convert your Ram Promaster City Cargo Van into a refrigerated van to transport cold or frozen foods.

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