• Choose an industry leader. Geotab was ranked the #1 commercial telematics vendor worldwide by ABI Research and continues to be recognized for its innovative technology and solutions. Whether you have one vehicle or 1000, we have the solutions to suit your needs.
  • Over 1 million vehicles use the Geotab open telematics platform to:
    • GPS Location Tracking: With near-real-time vehicle data.
    • Routing & Dispatch: Set and monitor routes for drivers.
    • Geofencing: Trigger an alarm and notification when a GPS tracking device enters or exits a geographic zone.
    • Fleet Management Cost Savings: Driver safety, collision avoidance, fuel savings and vehicle maintenance savings.
    • Temperature Monitoring: Real-time and historical data in 1-degree increments with alerts for out-of-range temperatures.
    • Security Cameras: Facing outside and inside the vehicle.
    • Open Platform: For easy data integration.
    • Scalable: Up to 50,000 devices in one database.
    • Expert Consulting Services Available.
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