Our Product Description
Sub Zero Insulation & Refrigeration Technologies, LLC. Designs, fabricates and customizes state of the art refrigerated and thermo insulated systems for
  • Cargo Vans
  • Sprinters
  • Box trucks
  • Refrigerated Karts
According to your strict specifications and needs.
We can build a new/used, or repair, recondition and refurbish your older existing fiberglass vehicle, customize your cargo area with shelving and drains and make it look brand new, capitalizing on your investment for a second “term”
First the unit is strategically framed using non thermal conductive materials, with emphasis on maximizing volume, space, usage, accessibility, minimizing vibrations and future customization.
High density two components foam insulation is then applied at least three inches thick (or according to your specifications), filling every crevice and cracks, thus guaranteeing a perfectly sealed thermo insulated product.
For this application, we utilize a technically advanced, low viscosity, two components rigid polyurethane foam system, specifically designed to produce a finished product with unsurpassed thermal isolative properties. Properly applied, the foam insulation will resist attacks from moisture, crude oil and most commonly used chemicals & solvents.
Sub Zero’s rigid polyurethane foam system is designed to prevent air, moisture and heat infiltration, making it the most efficient thermal insulation product in the market place today.
Finally, our fast setting, state of the art high performance seamless coating liner is applied; providing a flexible yet extremely tough monolithic membrane, completely water and chemical resistant.
The product utilized is a space-age polymer liquid that shoots out of the application gun at 200 degrees F and turns solid within seconds. It is completely seamless and cures within 24 hours. Not only is it extremely tuff, it is FDA and USDA approved, will last forever, and will maintain its physical characteristics for the life of your unit. The liner is permanently affixed to vans, trucks or trailers, and provides a smooth cleanable surface that will not harbor bacteria, and will hold up to rigorous cleaning procedures practiced in the food processing industries, where other coatings might fail.
The finished product, enables your vans and trailers to hold temperatures as low as -20 degrees F, and helps reefers to pull down vehicle temperatures 60% faster than competitive products.
We also found, due to the generous thermal insulation and seamless liner, that temperatures are held an average of 8 to 9 minutes longer, before the reefer has to cycle back on; translating in significant energy cost-savings, and greatly extending the life of your refrigeration unit.